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Antique books are a fascinating glimpse into world history and the people who once made that history. Antique book collecting can be a guessing game sometimes since the actual age of the book may have nothing at all to do with the appraised value. We’ve all heard about that person who found an antique in a dusty corner of their attic, and it was appraised for a whopping sum of money. Books especially may be found just about anywhere because they are and were usually fairly portable and small.

The Skinny on Antique Books

Probably the most important factor when determining the value of an old book is its condition. It is very rare to find a really old book in great condition simply because of how long it has been around. Pages are often dog-eared, missing or may have writing on them. The binding may be loose or the covers may be damaged. All of these contribute to the book’s overall value.

The overall availability of an antique book may add to its value, especially if the book is in demand. However, even if a book is rare, it may not be in demand by book collectors. Sometimes it can almost feel like a guessing game trying to figure out if the book you have is old, rare or collectible.

A first edition is often considered the rarest of a book’s printing runs. The term first edition can often be used in odd ways and can often confuse a person who is interested in antique books. Most books only ever have a first edition, so you will usually want to have an expert take a look at your book to determine its value.

Often people will assume that because a book is signed by the author it is more valuable. In the 20th century, book signings have been a quite common occurrence, so signed books are not that rare overall. However, generally speaking, a signed book is somewhat more valuable than its unsigned counterpart. Then again, a lot of this will also depend on the demand that is current in the antique book-buying market.

Antique books can be a wonderful item to collect. The overall interest in antique books is fairly steady, so if you are interested in the world of antique books, information is easy to find. There are also book collecting societies that try and help their members become more adept at book collecting. So, look around, you just may find an antique book lurking in a dusty corner.


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