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For many auto enthusiasts, there is little difference between an antique car and a classic car but in reality, there is a huge discrepancy. In most states, 32 years is the benchmark for a car to be considered as an antique car. While a collector car, although usually fitting that age bracket, could be any vehicle that was unique in its time.

Back in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s, Germany’s Volkswagen was hoping to make an impression in the world automobile market. They couldn’t make any in-roads until World War II ended due to material availability and the fact that their factory was busy with military orders. One of their first attempts after the war used its small car design with Porsche engineering and they marketed the mid-engine 914. An excellent first antique car for a new collector.

Some collectors fear the often-daunting task of rebuilding an antique car, especially those from the early 1900’s. The Ford Model T was an excellent vehicle for its time and antique car collectors are willing to pay for one not requiring a lot of work, especially if it doesn’t need a lot of almost impossible to find parts.

Some Classic Cars are Antiques

A 1957 Chevy, while in age it is considered an antique car, is better known as a classic because that is a car that people remember with fondness from previous days. A 1964 or 1965 Ford Mustang, while not on the original muscle car list, is often coveted as a classic by those who owned one in the late 1960’s or 1970’s.

So beloved are some of the antique cars that car companies are beginning to bring back the name and the basic design, although with modifications. The Volkswagen Beetle, made in 1938, one of the longest-running models in automotive history, was brought back in 1998. Built on the frame of another VW model, the Golf, it is larger than the original bug but has a great similarity in its shape.

The Ford Mustang also made a comeback as few years ago, but not as the small unintimidating antique car from 40 years ago. It’s a spruced-up version with minor body modifications and a much more powerful power plant.

The Dodge Charger, long known as one of the better muscle cars and now sought after as an antique car, is making resurgence, still as a muscle car with a power engine and a slightly modified style.

Some people may view these cars as an antique car simply desired for a collection; others see them as classic cars; there for the memories.


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