Antique Collectibles Require a Discerning Eye

There are many reasons people collect old items, and for some searching for antique collectibles is almost an obsession. Cruising garage sales, flea markets and auctions are more than a pastime for real collectors.

Collectors amass some impressive items in their search for antique collectibles and it’s not limited to one area of merchandise. Furniture, for example, has some ardent collectors, but due to the items’ individual size, it leaves the collectors somewhat limited in the number of items they can collect.

Other antique collectibles are picked up by people in a more eclectic manner, in that they don’t concentrate on just one type of collectable such as glass, coins, jewelry or furniture. Rather they have antique collectibles and not just antique glass or coins.

Not all antique collectibles are truly antique, and to some others, may not even be collectibles. What makes an item a collectable is the desire of someone to own it and what gives that item value is what that person is willing to pay for it.

Reduced Supply Equals Higher Price

Some antique collectibles however are truly antique because they have been made by hand up to over 100 or even 200 years ago and have been maintained in nearly original condition. If that item was only one of very few made that is still around, it would be one of a few very valuable collectibles.

As with many antiques, there are going to be counterfeiters who try to make money on forgeries. Glass and furniture seem to top the last of counterfeit antique collectibles but collectors with experience and knowledge can spot those fakes from the end of the driveway.

Persons new to the idea of antique collectibles should probably obtain a good antiques guide of the items they are interested in collecting. They should also begin by visiting reputable antique dealers. Most good dealers are happy to talk about their collections and how to spot the fakes. After all, counterfeits cut into their business and make the entire business of buying and selling antique collectibles suspect to new collectors.

Buying antique collectibles on line may also not be such a good idea, as many items you think are genuine, would have to be carefully inspected to ensure they are. While most individual sellers of antique collectibles will be honest; companies often spring up one day, sell may bogus items as true collectibles and then close up shop and take off with your money.


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