Antique Dolls: Perfect For Any Doll Collection

When it comes to collecting dolls, many serious collectors aren’t interested in the dolls that have recently come out or have been recently produced. Serious collectors, instead, have their sights set on antique dolls. These dolls are much more valuable than their more recent counterparts. Antique dolls are rich in history and, if kept in good shape throughout the years, can become an invaluable addition to any serious antique doll collection.

For an antique doll to become valuable, it will have to have been taken care of throughout the years. Dolls that are missing eyes or even limbs won’t do much for any serious collector. However, the dolls that are kept wholly intact and are in complete mint condition, those are the antique dolls that will fetch large sums for the seller.

Mending Dolls

Of course, if a doll is an antique and is missing some parts, say an eye or a leg, the dolls can be repaired. There are shops out there who will repair your antique dolls to make them look like new. It should be noted, however, that many collectors out there are very picky about what antique dolls they will accept for their collection. They take their antique doll collecting very seriously and will not tolerate a doll they considered to be mended. Trying to pass the antique doll off as Mint condition is not recommended as any serious collector will be able to tell almost instantly. However, if the doll needs it, mending can be done to restore your antique doll to its full beauty.

You can find antique dolls at specialty doll stores and even online. Many antique dolls come from collectors and even more come from people who once owned them and then died. This is where we get most of our antique dolls today. They are left over or sold with peoples estates. Some of these antique dolls are a hundred years old or more. You can imagine what an artifact like that is worth. Considering most of the antique dolls are hand made, the amount is likely more than you expect.

You can start antique doll collecting any time you wish. Find a good antique doll retailer and be prepared to spend a lot of money. Doll collecting isn’t cheap, especially not antique doll collecting, but it’s worth it when you consider all the extra friends you’ll have to fill up your new doll room.


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