A Glance into Yesterday: Antique Shows

Antique shows are a little like browsing through a modern mall, but much more marvelous because of the odd and rare things you are likely to see. The odd assortments of knick knacks and useful items that our ancestors may have used are interesting to look at and can be a nice addition to your own collection.

If you a newcomer to the world of antique shows, you will probably be a little overwhelmed at first, but soon you will be having the time of your life, adding to your collection and meeting others who share your enthusiasm for collecting.

Antiquing and Antique Shows

Some antique shows may charge admission just to enter the building. This is usually to cover the rental of the building or other costs the antique show may accrue. This may feel a little unfair, but sometimes you just have to pay it if you want access the vendors.

Most antique shows will be very general and the only common denominator among the vendors is that just about everything they are selling is an authentic antique. The only downside to an antique show is that you probably won’t find many bargains among the really popular items. The vendors know what items they have and price them accordingly since they know some people will buy them.

Occasionally you can find a bargain, especially if the item you are collecting isn’t as popular with other collectors. If you are just starting out with your collection, you may be able to find the more common items that just about everyone already has. These you can probably find a little cheaper than other collectibles simply because there isn’t as much demand for them.

Generally, at antique shows you won’t find many reproductions, and if you do find a reproduction it should be clearly marked accordingly. Some reproductions can be so good that they fool some enthusiasts, but usually reproductions can be spotted fairly easily, depending on the item, and should usually be avoided. There is generally no value in reproductions, so it’s really not worth your time or money.

Antique shows can be a great opportunity to learn a little more about the item you are collecting and meet others who share your interests. Even if you are only at an antique show searching for one specific item, you may still learn a little about another collectible here and there. Antique shows can be entertaining and informative and are a great way to spend an afternoon.


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