Decorate with Antique Silver Tableware

The beauty of antique silver tableware is undeniable. Unfortunately, obtaining a full set in perfect condition is a very expensive endeavor. That’s why those lonely pieces arranged on flea market and yard sale tables are so alluring. There are no strict rules saying that your flatware has to match. If you can collect enough mismatched pieces, you can set a table with your antique silver finds. The large serving pieces are even easier as you only need a few of them for a dinner of several courses. The addition of an antique silver ladle, for instance, doesn’t require that it match anything but your guests’ good taste. The same goes for salt and pepper shakers. The convenience of having more than one set at a table excuses any mismatching. Around the Dining Room Any nice-looking piece of antique silver tableware is an appropriate decorating element for the dining room, even if they’re not intended for use on the table. Your good dishes will be flattered by a few bits of antique silver on the shelves of the china hutch. A creamer that lost its sugar bowl is still a good container for tea roses. A silver pitcher can be used for the longer stemmed version or twigs, sprigs of holly or any seasonal enhancement. An antique silver tureen makes a lovely centerpiece filled with fruit or any colorful decoration. One exquisite place setting can be displayed on a velvet background and framed to hang on the wall. If you have the sugar bowl without the creamer, you have a cute candy dish. You can use pieces of antique silver flatware to replace the hardware on your buffet or credenza. Just bore a hole for the screw and bend the piece into the shape you need for a drawer pull. The extra silver shine will enhance the look of your silver candlesticks and the flatware shape will become a conversation-starter for your guests. The possibilities are endless and limited only to your imagination. The real point is that a beautiful piece of antique silver is appropriate anywhere you want to use it. If you are drawn to a piece or several pieces of antique silver tableware, don’t hesitate just because the rest of the set is gone. If it’s that attractive on the table at the flea market or yard sale, think how much more attractive it will be in your home.



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