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To qualify as an antique truck or car, a vehicle usually has to 25 years old or more. Some newer vehicles can qualify as collectible if they are especially sought-after models. A car or truck should be in good condition to be considered an antique and not just old. Most modern cars are designed to last for fewer than half of the 25 year time boundary for antiques. Cars from 25 years ago had an even more limited life span. That’s why an antique truck or car is so valuable if it’s restored to good condition and also why the necessary parts needed to restore them are so hard to find.


Old cars and trucks can either be purchased restored or acquired in a condition needing restoration. Many hobbyists enjoy working on these older vehicles and buy them planning to restore the cars and trucks themselves, whereas others are more interested in the investment. Certainly, the two aims go together since an old vehicle increases in value by being restored.

For the sake of investment, it makes sense to buy a vehicle that is fewer than 25 years old and in fair to good condition. The newer the vehicle, the less difficulty there is in locating authentic parts, upholstery and paint. Once restored, the vehicle can be stored and cared for until it reaches full status as an antique. Its worth at that point is determined by its popularity with collectors. While an increase in value is predictable, the amount of the increase is not possible to predict accurately. Advice, instruction and fellowship can be found online for antique truck and car enthusiasts.

Online Suppliers

Besides finding others with similar interests on the internet, hobbyists can also find authentic parts. Instead of relying on hard copy catalogs from all over the world or hunting down local dealers, the restorers can search online to locate any available parts. The suppliers benefit as well since they only have to create one online catalog instead of hundreds and the cost of maintaining a site is much lower than the costs of advertising and mailing.

Although the successful antique truck and car hobbyist needs patience for restoration, the waiting time between ordering and receiving parts always seems long. When ordering online, the order doesn’t have to be mailed, received, processed and mailed out. A parts order is received as soon as the submit key is pressed. Often, the database backing up the site does part of the processing. Best of all, no hobbyist has to wait days to find out that the part in the catalog is out of stock. From catalog search to part in hand is usually less than a week. After waiting a quarter of a century for your vehicle to become an antique truck or car, that kind of speed is only fair.


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