Antique Engagement Ring: Give The Gift Of History

When it comes to engagement rings, most guys go to the jewelry store to pick out the most expensive that they can afford. Rarely, do guys ever think of antique engagement rings. However, antique engagement rings can be a great way to tell your fiancé how much you care for her. An antique engagement ring can be bought at an antique store, can be found on the internet, or, to make it even more special, you could give the antique engagement ring of one of your passed relatives, such as your grandmother. By giving your fiancé an antique engagement ring, you’re passing the love that ring once symbolized onto your loved one, making it one serious, loving bond.

She’ll Definitely Say Yes

The bride to be will undoubtedly say yes when you give her the antique engagement ring. However, to make sure it’s just right, you’ll have to make the proper preparations. For instance, the antique engagement ring may not be the correct size. Make sure you know what the ring size is of the person you intend to give the ring to. Having an antique engagement ring shouldn’t be too expensive but it’s worth it when you consider that it may not fit unless you do so.

Having the antique wedding ring resized will give the ring that little something extra that’s sure to make any engagement a special one. Sizing an antique engagement ring will make it that much more personal. You can have all the history that the ring has endured over the years while making it personal for you and your current bond with the one you love.

You can find many antique rings online such as in online auction sites. Sites like Ebay have many antique engagement rings that you have to choose from. You can choose the style and the shape because all the items have pictures which you can peruse through to find the ring that’s perfect for the one you love. The best part is that you are actually bidding for the rings so you could potentially find the perfect ring for less than half of what it usually costs.

The antique engagement ring is a perfect way to say I love you to the one you love. It’s more personal than a store bought ring because it comes complete with its own rich history. Have it sized and it’s now yours. Cherish it and keep it safe so that one day you can pass it on to the next generation and the generation after that.


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