Antiques are Great to Collect or Display

It is understood that all antiques are old, but what is often misunderstand is that not everything, which is old is necessarily an antique. Additionally, different types of items become considered an antique at different ages.

The original manufacturer’s quality has a lot to do with the value of antiques, but the individual taste of the collector determines its value. However, when most people hear antiques their first thought is of furniture. Most items are considered antiques if they were originally made by hand.

Many of today’s furniture products over a 100 years from now would be poor representation of antiques as most are made primarily my automated machines. The same could be true with glass antiques. Over 100 years ago, a glass bottle was blown by hand, using a pontil rod to blow air into molten glass. It was shaped as it was blown.

Today, many glass items, even replicas of older bottles, are made in a mold with the molten glass poured in. A hundred years from now those bottles will be 100 years old, but they will not necessarily be classified as antiques.

Knowledge Required to Recognize Antiques

Antiques of any type, glass, bottles, toys or furniture takes a trained eye to recognize their value. Many counterfeits are being made everyday and most are made with acceptable quality. However, when someone attempts to sell one as being an original, unless you understand what to look for, you could be swindled.

For example, authentic blown glass would have evidence of the pontil rod. Antiques, which were hand-blown, have a spot, usually on the bottom showing where the pontil rod was snapped off once the item cooled. Glass shaped in a mold will show lines along one side or an uneven lip where the mold was over or under filled.

Some antiques, like sewing machines, are wanted simply because of their style or their fit into a person’s décor. A working sewing machine will usually have a higher value but someone looking for one just for decoration; will not care whether it works.

For people just beginning to think about antiques it is best to go through a reputable antiques dealer. Buying antiques on line is also ill advised because you do not have the opportunity to check for the finer details of the piece. Additionally, obtaining a copy of an antiques magazine or directory can help you spot the real thing.


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