How Bathroom Countertops can add to Your Home

Mostly, one thinks of countertops and a kitchen in the same breath because they are most used in kitchens as well as wet bars. Sometimes they are installed in bathrooms, especially so when more workspace is required.

The choice of using bathroom countertops is natural as wood is not at all a suitable material given the fact that moisture that is sure to be present in bathrooms would destroy its natural fibers. The synthetic material is most impervious to water.

Most bathroom countertops are custom designed for each and every instance since there are hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from. In addition, the bathroom countertop can be made in any size or shape and it is usually the last item on a buyer’s agenda since they are used to complement the other major bathroom fixtures like the whirlpool or shower.

Cultured marble is very popular material that is used in bathroom countertops, primarily because it is elegant as well as functional and is also available in many colors and styles. Cultured marble and cultured onyx is beautiful and is also easily cleaned and polished.

Choosing a Countertop

There are so many different bathroom countertops to choose from that one can pick the one that best suits one’s needs. Whichever different type of bathroom countertop one chooses, it will surely help to keep the bathroom clean and better looking.

Bathroom countertops may turn out to be pivotal that help to make or break the features of a bathroom since they help to accent the fixtures, flooring and also set the tone of the bathroom, not to mention its style. In addition, they also provide storage as well as surface space in the bathroom.

When choosing the countertop material, one should also try and match the material with strengths that one needs in the bathroom and there are a few options open such as engineered stone, granite, and ceramic tiles. Engineered stone is best for most bathrooms since it offers more color choices than do granite and it also does not need to be sealed. However, its uniform look may not suit every taste and sometimes its edges can chip.

On the other hand, granite is very tough and also appeals to consumers because it looks like real stone though it does require periodical sealing and the color as well as grain may not always match the store samples. For low cost as well as plenty of color, the ceramic tiles may be used since they are easy to install, but do chip easily.


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