Three Considerations Regarding Cement Countertops

Your house has truly been a home that has holds many memories for you and your family. There are the memories can be seen on the walls of your child’s bedroom as you documented their growth. Or perhaps, those burn marks on the kitchen countertop.

Each mark representing a loving and festive meal prepared or holiday celebrated. But, with mixed feelings, it is time to remodel the kitchen and part of that remodeling plan is to replace the current countertops.

In choosing your countertop there are many colors, styles and materials to select from. There are some common materials that are used. These materials include laminates, ceramic tile, granite, etc. However, one particular product for the kitchen that is not often associated with a kitchen counter top is cement countertops.

There are several advantages associated with the installation of cement countertops. Also, when considering this product, it is important to remember certain precautions when installing.


There are many advantages to selecting cement countertops. These advantages can be broken down into the durability, look and ease of shaping.

Cement countertops are very durable, in that they resist the effects of heating and scratching, and can be applied with a large variety of colors. In addition, being cement, they hold up well over the years.

Also, the look of cement countertops brings a touch of uniqueness and flair to your kitchen. Cement countertops, when properly processed can simulate a large variety of other common surfaces. The surfaces can include wood, stone and clay, and in addition, because the process is liquid at first, the ease of molding the cement countertops to the uniqueness of your countertop shape can be accomplished.


As with anything there are precautions that need to be considered, and when choosing cement countertops for your kitchen décor, this is no different.

The first precaution to consider is the expense associated with the installation of cement countertops. This higher price tag is due to the cost incurred when intense customizing is performed.

In addition, if the work is not performed properly, there is a greater increase of cracking the cement countertops. This risk is heightened due to the need of proper reinforcement, bronze, fibers, etc., being used in the preparation process. It is also important that the right ratios of water and cement are utilized. Additionally, it takes time for the cement to be properly set; therefore patience should be exercised prior to fully installing the counter top.

Finally, because the process of installing cement countertops is a complicated process, it is best to utilize the skills of a craftsperson that is knowledgeable and has experience.


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