Tips on Cleaning Granite Countertops

You are sitting in your kitchen and you can’t believe your eyes; there, glistening back at you like a beautifully sculpted statue, are your countertops of granite. You have made many sacrifices, but your investment has done wonders for your heart and mind, not to mention increasing the value of your home.

Now that you have taken the critical step in having these beautiful countertops installed it is now time to think of maintaining their beauty and honoring your investment. There are four tips on cleaning granite countertops in particular which are incredibly important to know, and this includes the understanding the surface of granite, cleaning solutions, frequency of cleaning and hazards

The Surface of Granite

Granite is natural stone that is hard in nature. In addition, it is not permeable which means that water and other liquids cannot penetrate it. Additionally, when cleaning granite countertops with certain chemicals, the countertop will be unaffected. However, it is important to stay away from chemicals that have the capability of burning or eroding.

Cleaning of Surfaces

When cleaning granite countertops, although the surface is durable, it is best to utilize products that are mild or neutral in nature; therefore products whose primary ingredients contain vegetable oil are highly recommended.

Also, it is permissible to use scrubbing pads that are made from synthetic materials. A good rule of thumb is to test clean products and pads on areas of the granite’s surface that are in out of the way places.


The frequency of cleaning granite countertops is that of regular, and should be done on a daily basis. Being one of the easiest surfaces to maintain, maintenance is fairly straightforward.

This daily cleaning should be performed using lukewarm water that is clean. Wiping and drying of the granite counter top should be accomplished using a soft cloth. Also, in cleaning granite countertops, it is important to immediately wipe up and absorb spills that occur.


To preserve your investment and maintain its beauty, it is important to remember key elements when cleaning granite countertops. Those elements include the use of the proper cleaning agent.

When removing dirt or residue proper cleaning products include neutrally based agents. These agents are defined as a being pH balanced. Following the cleaning of your granite top, the surface should be rinsed to make sure that any residue film is removed.

Products that are alkaline or contain acid should be avoided as they will mar the surface of the granite. These products include ingredients such as ammonia, citrus fruit (lemon, lime, etc.) and alkaline. Signs of harmful treatment to your countertop of granite include cloudiness of the surface and circular type ring markings.


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