Understanding how Countertop Installation can be Done Yourself

Whether due to age, damage, or just the fact that you are tired of looking at the old one, changing a countertop can be easily done by yourself, even the countertop installation. A little knowledge with hand tools can have this job, usually in less than a day, including cleaning up the mess.

A countertop is just that; a top to a counter. In the kitchen, bathroom or recreation room the procedure is basically the same. Countertop installation usually involves the purchase of a new top, complete with surface. They can be bought pre-made in a variety of standard sizes or ordered to specific measurements.

All-in-all countertop installation is a fairly simple project once the old top is removed. It is especially easy installing a top on a new counter. Presuming the old top is gone and all rough edges have been sanded or cut off and new top has arrived, you are basically completely ready to begin.

If this is a remodeling project involving a countertop installation, you will want to remove the drawers in the cabinet to prevent dirt and dust from falling into them. No food should be left under the counter as well, and additionally you will probably need the room under the counter to fasten the top to the counters.


Set the countertop on the top of the cabinets and make sure that it is aligned on all edges. You can use a tape measure to measure the lip, or cut a couple of wood jigs, same size pieces of wood that reach the edge of the top while touching the cabinet, to make sure it is even all the way around. Starting with the top being even, will make the overall countertop installation easier and looking professional.

Most people prefer to lay a small bead of glue on top of the cabinet to help make the countertop installation more secure. This can be done after it is aligned by lifting one end, laying the glue, setting it down and then repeating the other end. At this point it will be wise to double check the alignment and adjust as necessary before the glue dries.

Every countertop installation involves using some sort of fastener to secure the top to the counter, usually one for every four feet of countertop. Most times these are in the shape of the letter Z and is held by screws to the countertop and the inside edge of the cabinet.


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