The Various Countertop Materials

Variety is the spice of life and when it comes to remodeling your kitchen and selecting the right countertop materials there are numerous choices. Your choices of countertop materials run the broad range of the spectrum, and these considerations include the type of material to use, its durability, the expense of the item and any negative considerations regarding its use.


Of all the countertop materials available to the consumer, the least expensive and still somewhat functional is the laminates. This countertop material itself is comprised and processed through a high-pressure system and is thinly applied to particleboard or plywood.

Even though the countertop materials are durable this does not mean that they are resistant to certain functions conducted in the kitchen. These functions include placing hot pots and pans on the countertop as well as slicing food on the laminate countertop. Laminate countertops are not resistant to heat and scorching marks made be made on the countertop from a misplaced hot pot or pan, and in addition, knife slicing marks may mar the surface when slicing food as part of preparing food.

Ceramic Tile

One of the most functional, decorative and strong products that is used as countertop materials is ceramic tile; this material is completely resistant to hot utensils placed on it as well as easy to maintain.

The market today offers a vast selection of colors and decorative styles, and in addition, there is a large selection of colored grout that can be placed between the pieces of the ceramic tile. This particular countertop material is applied to the plywood or other platform and is held in place with mortar or other adhesive material.


Countertop materials can also include the natural element of wood, as wood provides a beautiful touch of elegance to the kitchen décor.

The only drawback to this countertop material is that of its inability to be able to resist heat, scorching and from becoming warped. In addition, wood as countertop materials, can allow for the growth of microorganisms if the wood material has become compromised.

Natural Stone

One additional countertop material which may be used for your kitchen is stone. Stone such as granite and marble provide a great deal of grace and style to the homeowner’s kitchen. This countertop material is very functional and will provide long-lasting service.

The drawbacks to this lavish countertop material are the costs associated with its purchase and installation. In addition, some acidic foods such as orange juice will mar the surface of marble.


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