Using Countertop Paint as a Way of Remodeling the Kitchen

Countertop paint is one area where homeowners may be able to save money while remodeling their kitchens. There are companies that also do this but they may only be providing short term solutions and may be nothing more than a quick fix. In the long run one would typically like the countertop paint job to last longer.

A good alternative to replacing the countertop is to paint the countertop, and this will surely provide results that would exceed your expectations, especially if the surface has been thoroughly prepared and if one uses that of an oil-based countertop paint and a primer. Most experts may not advise that one should paint the countertop because most paints may not hold up well to the wear and tear that countertops experience.

What Else you Should Know

In case one does decide to paint the countertop, one should first scrub down the countertop well and use a scuff pad or steel wool soaked with TSP and use a hot water solution which will dull and the TSP will chemically etch the counter tops.

Then one should use a coat of primer and make sure that one uses only BIN. The countertop surface should be primed because this will ensure that the paint will stick to the non-porous surface. If in doubt, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions and allow for 24 hours for the primer to set in. Since the odor may be too much for some people, opening the windows would help.

After the primer is dried out it is time to paint the countertop with the selected color. There is no better way to change a kitchen’s look than a good countertop finish so one should ensure that the swatches match the existing colors. One may select from water based countertop paint, or oil based countertop paint though the chemical in oil based paints might result in leeching into the food, something not recommended.

One should apply two to three thin layers of countertop paint and let it dry between each different coat of paint. Lastly, one need to seal the paint and this may be achieved by using three coats of satin or high-gloss non-yellowing polyurethane which should result in greater durability. Some people may prefer the water-based sealers since it does not alter the appearance of the countertop paint’s color, upon drying. The sealer should be allowed to dry for a day. And, that should do the job of painting the countertop.


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