Faux Granite Countertop: Cheaper Than Stone

Mining and fabrication technology has brought the price of granite countertops down considerably over the past few years, but it still is not within reach of many people, and, while granite is fast becoming the material of choice, to afford the look many are finding a faux granite countertop can achieve a similar look with the similar expense.

There are numerous products on the market today which can turn your old, dull laminated countertops into what appears to be granite without nearly the expense, or time, of installing a new stone counter top. A faux granite countertop can be sprayed on and ready to use in a day or two, depending on drying conditions, and usually for under $25.

Krylon makes a spray paint called Make It Stone Textured Paint, available for around $10 a can and is available in most home improvement stores as well as large discount stores. With any experience at all in using spray paint, it is a very easy do-it-yourself project. But remember, this is a spray paint and it will drift and get on things you don’t necessarily want to look like a faux granite countertop.

Preparation is Key to the Best Finished Project

To get ready for your project, remove anything from the room you do not want even the slightest bit of paint to cover. Then lightly sand the laminated countertop. This is not to remove the finish, but it will need to be a little rough prior to painting.

Tape all areas you don’t want to look like a faux granite countertop, starting with the straight edges first. This would include wall surfaces adjacent to the top. Then using newspaper or plastic drop cloths, tape it to larger portions of the walls and floor. Wipe the surface to be painted with a camp cloth to remove all dust.

Use a grey primer on the surface to be painted, spraying it evenly. The use of a primer will help the faux granite countertop paint stick to the surface and reduce running. Spray evenly and let dry completely, and then once dry you can start spraying on your faux granite countertop. Holding the can ten to 12 inches away from the surface use a misting technique starting at one end and working towards the other. This process should be repeated until at least three coats have been properly applied.

Once dry, or after about 30 minutes, apply a spray on clear coat sealer. Several coats are recommended in order to allow the faux granite countertop to be cleaned as normal. Otherwise, without this coating, the paint will wear off over time.


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