Granite Counter Top Installation; Tough For Handyman

Many do-it-yourself types have shunned the job of granite counter top installation due to the expense of the counter top and the need for exacting measurements in making a template before the countertop is cut.

Granite is an extremely hard, beautiful and expensive natural stone making it the material of choice of high-end construction and remodeling. Since most of the work is done off-site on a granite counter top, installation is done after all cuts have been made at the factory.

Drawings of the counter top are made with dimensions for everything including cutouts for the sink and water supply lines, as well as the length and width and any minor angles or edges for electrical outlets, among other possibilities. Granite counter top installation is also more difficult in that the material doesn’t bend and minor slits can’t be made to allow for bowed walls.

Part of the granite counter top installation can be done yourself, but it’s best to have the template measured and made by a professional with experience in working with stone so no minor measurement is overlooked that would make the granite counter top installation more difficult.

Splashboards Can Cover Some Sins

Regardless of the quality of your construction, there will probably be small gaps where the counter top meets the wall. This is where a splashboard comes in when finishing a granite counter top installation. It is applied to the wall on the back of the top, hiding those small gaps. The counter top is secured to the tops of the cabinets using silicon caulk and the splashboard is glued to the wall with a bead of silicon caulk applied to the seam where it meets the counter top.

This will prevent water from seeping into the crack and causing damage to any wood underneath. Seams created during the granite counter top installation will be visible, but if measurements are exact when the template is made, they shouldn’t cause any problems. If a mitered seam is used in a corner, it becomes especially paramount that all construction of the top is perfectly square or gaps, which can’t be hidden, will appear.

When choosing the counter top, you can choose the type of edging among many that are available. Remember that all fabrication of this natural stone is done with special equipment and can’t be adjusted once it gets to your home. While granite counter top installation can be partially done by yourself, due to the cost of the materials and having it fitted to your specifications, you may want to have it done by a professional.


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