Granite Countertop Care: Helps to Keep the Countertop Looking New

With proper handling and usage the overall granite countertop care should not prove to be difficult and should help it stay new-looking for years to come especially as stone is very easy to maintain and granite is virtually scratch proof.

Proper Granite Countertop Care

When thinking of granite countertop care one should blot up spills immediately before they can get into the surface and for this a few drops of neutral cleaner, stone soap or mild dishwashing liquid and warm water may be used. One should also use a soft and clean cloth for cleaning of the granite and this means rinsing after having washed with soap solutions and then drying with a soft and clean cloth.

When the granite countertop does get stained one may remove it based on the type of stain that it is. One should mix a cup of flour as well as a tablespoon or two of dishwashing liquid with water and make a thick paste which should be put on the stain and be covered with a plastic wrap and should be left overnight.

Later, one should scrape the mixture away using a wooden utensil and then rinse. For oil based stains such as grease, oil, and milk one may use hydrogen peroxide in the paste rather than the dishwashing liquid or even ammonia may be tried as a substitute. In fact, the mixture should be 12 percent hydrogen peroxide mixed with a few drops of ammonia in case the stain is organic such coffee, tea or fruits.

If the stain happens to be ink or a marker stain then one may use a lacquer thinner or acetone for removing, especially in the case of darker stones. For lighter colored granite countertop care one may use hydrogen peroxide and the same works just as well for wine stains. For removing the wine stains one may need to mix molding powder and pure bleach into a paste and then spread it over the wine stain, ink or other non-oil stain. It should remain on the stain for half an hour and then be removed and it should also be rinsed.

Another point that bears to be kept in mind for granite countertop care is that the counter top should be resealed each year or maximum, every second year. One should use non-toxic sealers on food preparation areas and the installer may be able to give additional tips regarding granite countertop care.


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