Laminated Kitchen Countertops: The Most Commonly Used Countertops

Laminated kitchen countertops are absolutely one of the most commonly used kitchen countertops, and they are made from synthetic material that comprises more than a few layers that include numerous sheets of kraft paper, other ornamental paper as well as melamine plastic coating.

The countertop tends to get a darker edge when kraft paper is used and a bit more expensive alternative is solid-color laminate that does not have any dark edges and is made throughout of plastic that is also colored.

More Information you Should Know

Mostly, when one chooses laminated kitchen countertops, one is sure to find a great variety from which to choose. This may be because the laminated kitchen countertops are very common and laminate being a synthetic material is both economical and is used in high-wear environments. It may not be very durable as compared with solid surfaces such as stone but still, there are many manufacturers who provide high-wear laminated kitchen countertops that have prolonged life-spans.

There are many advantages to using laminated kitchen countertops and these include them being produced in numerous colors and patterns as well as different finishes. Some designs may look like granite, solid surface, engineered stone and hardwood and that too at undemanding prices. There is not much maintenance to be done on the laminated kitchen countertops and they are also impact resistant.

When the laminated kitchen countertops are coved designed thereby letting the laminate eliminate the back edge of the counter top, it allows the counter top to be cleaned without any great deal of trouble. It is also an economical alternative to other surfaces and there are many cost savings that can be affected by using laminated kitchen countertops.

However, there are certain disadvantages to using the laminated kitchen countertop and these include layers which make it difficult to repair chips, if they happen. Hot items as well as water that seep into the seams may result in the layers breaking apart and using kraft paper results in dark lines appearing at the edges and there may also be need to use cutting boards.

Cleaning the laminated kitchen counter tops should be done with a damp cloth and mild soap. In case the stains are more resistant then one would need to prepare a paste made from baking soda as well as a mild household cleaner. Then the stain should be briskly stroked fifteen or twenty times using nylon bristle brush. Mostly, this should remove the stain but for more obstinate stains, use a cotton ball saturated with undiluted bleach and scrub for a couple of minutes. Keep in mind though that the surface should already have been thoroughly rinsed for getting best results.


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