Adding a Classic Touch to Your House With a Limestone Countertop

A stone countertop in your kitchen or in your hall for your bar is always the best choice, especially if you want your house to look very classy. You can go for exclusive concrete counter with exclusive stone for the top, which would outshine the rest of the house indeed. Or you can always go for a typical stone countertop exactly suiting you home settings.

A limestone countertop is one of the most sought these days when it comes to countertops made of stones. People have always associated limestone with great monuments or architecture, rather than a simple countertop for your home. Not many people in fact know that limestone is actually one of the best choices of material when it comes to building or buying a counter top.


Limestone in America mostly comes from Canada, the largest producer in this region. But alternatively when you go for shopping, you would see many other different types of limestone from all around the world varying in prices. They do not really vary much in quality, but most of them vary in the color and the texture of the stone.

Why people go for limestone despite it is costly is because of its durability. It is in fact stronger than any other type of countertops, put aside other stone ones. A limestone countertop which fits nicely into a small kitchen can sustain humid climate very well. This is why most of the home where the kitchen is exposed to hot weather or direct sunlight would be using limestone countertop. But there is one great drawback when it comes to durability of this limestone.

Since limestone is made of a large portion of calcium, a limestone countertop generally does not go well with acidic environment and corrosive substances. Any small accident of pouring your battery liquid or strong food acid might and not wiping it off immediately would leave a big ugly spot on the beautiful shiny surface of the limestone countertop.

Besides that, limestone countertop also has another drawback, which is that is easily stained, however with the help of many different types of cleaners these days, these stains can be easily removed.

Installation of a limestone countertop may be something very expensive, but you have to keep in mind that this counter top, unlike other not-so-durable ones, would last forever if taken care properly.


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