The Advantages of Marble Countertops

There are many advantages that come from choosing marble countertops, and these should all be taken into consideration when you are trying to make the decision on what material to use.

What is Marble?

Marble is a metamorphic rock which results from that of the metamorphism of limestone, and is composed mostly of calcite, which is a crystalline form of calcium carbonate. Marble is a material which is extensively used for sculpture, for instance, and as a building material, and is used in many other applications as well.

Why Choose Marble Countertops?

There are many good reasons as to why you should use marble countertops, such as the fact that they are truly beautiful. Cultured marble is one of the most popular types of marble that is used in marble countertops, and it is a mix of polyester binding resins, calcium carbonate, and crushed marble, and the material is durable, waterproof, and even stain resistant, and it is also easy to maintain and it comes in a range of color combinations and designs as well.

However, even though marble countertops are extremely beautiful, marble is in fact not a commonly used material for bathroom countertops; marble is porous and liquids such as nail polish, shampoo, oils, and dyes, can easily stain it, thereby completely spoiling its appearance.

One of the main features of a marble countertop is that the color variation has veins throughout it; you usually have different densities in marble, but the color variation and the veining is probably the most common feature of all. You are able to get an incredibly wide range of colors with marble, with the beiges and browns being the most popular.

Regardless of what material you are interested in, you should remember that the most important thing is to be educated, and so once you find a material that you are particularly interested in, you should try to learn as much about it as you possibly can. This will help you in many different ways; for instance, you will be able to get the best quality and worth for your money rather than getting ripped off.

You can install the countertops yourself, or you have the option of hiring a professional to come in and do the job for you. Although you will obviously have to pay more to have someone come in and do the work for you, it is still incredibly helpful if you have no idea what you are doing because then you know that the job will get done right the first time.



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