Are You Desperate to Stop His Snoring?

"My fiancée snores so loud, I can't sleep. I haven't slept in weeks and I am so exhausted."
"My husband's snoring is driving me crazy! I'm so tired and so sleepy and don't know what to do anymore."
"We are sleeping in separate bedrooms because his snoring is hurting our relationship. I'm starting to feel like we're just roommates."

If you're the wife or partner of a severe snorer, you can probably relate to these statements. You're sick and tired of the snoring and you just want to get a good night's sleep again. No matter how much you love each other, disrupted sleep can strain your relationship especially if it's gotten to the point where you are sleeping in separate beds.

Westside Sleep Can Help You

We understand your problem and have helped hundreds of couples just like you. You're not alone and there is a solution. Westside Sleep treats patients who snore or who suffer from any of the 81 other sleep disorders we treat. And many of our patients get here because their partner told them to come in.

Perhaps you're irritable due to lack of sleep. Especially is he's not doing anything to combat the snoring. He tells you "I'm too busy!" "I DON'T Snore!" and "It's nothing. It will go away by itself." One excuse after the other... it's driving you crazy. And, let's face it - you didn't sign up for wearing ear plugs or sleeping in separate beds.

Snoring Can Be a Serious Warning Sign

You should also know that snoring can be a symptom of a serious disorder called obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a disease that if left untreated could lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, and strokes. Your next step is to call us at (503) 404-3292 to set up an appointment for your partner to be evaluated.

More than likely, we will order an overnight sleep study that can determine whether your partner's snoring is just simple snoring or if it is the more serious sleep apnea. Our sleep doctor, Scott Fromherz, MD, founder of Westside Sleep Center, is a Stanford fellowship trained sleep physician with over eight years of experience in sleep medicine.

Call us today at (503) 404-3292 to set up an appointment.

You don't have to suffer from sleepless nights. It's time to stop the snoring. Most insurances in Oregon do not require a referral from your physician. Sleep disorders are a normally covered medical benefit under almost all insurance plans.

What Sets Westside Sleep Center Apart?

A caring, compassionate environment and unsurpassed customer service is the standard at Westside Sleep Center. Our staff is trained to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. We greet you with a smile, address you by name, offer you tea or water and make sure you are seen in a timely manner. Westside Sleep Center uses only the most advanced equipment in a comfortable setting to determine the cause of your sleepless nights.

What Can I Expect?

Your visit to Westside Sleep center will be similar to any other doctor's visit. The main difference is that Dr. Fromherz will focus his questions specifically to issues relating to sleep. He may order a sleep study. This would involve spending a night in our sleep lab where your sleep, breathing and night movements will be monitored. Dr. Fromherz will then follow-up with you and prescribe a treatment plan to address your sleep problem. You won't be seen just once and forgotten about.

Call us today at (503) 404-3292 to set up an appointment.

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